Introduces Frequently Member Program to Save More on Travel Visa.

August 19, 2015 in News by cipcipTrip

Visa-Vietnam.Org, a Non-Government website or affiliated with embassy run by Nam Thang Travel Co., LTD provides cheaper price and faster service for frequently visa user members. They also offer special discounts, hassle free application process, processing within 24 hours, affordable prices and easy accessibility.

The media man of Visa-Vietnam.Org stated that “If you are a frequent flyer trying to get visa for Vietnam then this is great news for you! We would like to honor our frequent members by providing cheaper price and quick service through our new frequent member program. You can get 18 to 22 percent discount automatically whenever you book a travel with us. This feature is applicable with one condition that is using the same email address as the first time you order visa with us.”

They have also come up with a corporate program that provides 26 percent discount to their customers.

The media man also added, “When the travellers order a visa with the same e-mail address they used initially, then our system will base on the email address, recognizes you as our returning customer and then count for the discount as promise. You can receive 18 percent discount from second order, 20 percent from fifth order and 22 percent from tenth order.”

One of their frequent members said, “I’ve used Visa-Vietnam.Org six times to get my Vietnam tourist visa and quiet surprised with their quick approval process. Moreover, I’ve received 22 percent discount on my fifth and sixth order. I was overwhelmed by the way they respect their frequent members and am continuing with the service.”

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