Vacation Rentals Company Announces New Pricing Structure for Guests.

October 21, 2015 in Vacations by cipcipTrip

Branson vacation rentals company Branson Regal announces the implementation of a new pricing structure designed to help its clients save a lot of money on rental rates and taxes.

Traditionally, most companies use a fee structure that bundles every expense together, which is similar to how hotels price rooms. In this set-up, everything gets a tax charge, but guests were comfortable with its simplicity. Later on, the company saw changes in the vacation rental market, one of which is that guests have gradually embraced more complex pricing schemes as long as they can save money in the process.

With this development, Branson Regal has begun testing two alternative pricing structures, which are as follows:

The first separates out the actual room rental fee from the non-taxable fees (e.g. booking fees, front desk services, damage protection, and cleaning fees). This arrangement reduces the charge for room tax, resulting in substantial savings for guests.

The second one involves the implementation of a “Small Group Discount,” following the rationale that smaller groups cause less wear and tear on the property. The savings pass on to the guests via the discount, which the company grants to groups that have fewer members than the lodging unit’s maximum capacity.

“We are always looking for ways to enhance our services and make them more affordable and we think our guest will love our new pricing,” said Tom Kubat, owner of Branson Regal. “We will continue to offer small group discounts through the Summer but, beginning with Labor Day, our guests will notice a remarkable drop in prices as we implement stage two of this new pricing strategy.”

Mr. Kubat noted that Branson Regal can only implement the new pricing structure on properties it owns or manages. The company, however, will encourage other managers and owners to follow suit. The plan is to begin the new pricing with Branson Regal’s flagship product, the 6-Bedroom Executive Home that can accommodate up to 20.

Pricing will be based on 12 occupants (2 per bedroom), and additional charges will apply for extra occupants. The price for this 4200 sq. ft. luxury home will be competitive with much smaller properties (8-12 person capacity), allowing smaller groups to enjoy additional space and luxury accommodations for almost the same price.

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