Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur: International Class of Its Own.

February 18, 2016 in Hotels by cipcipTrip

It was officially launched last April 2015 and yet local home grown brand’s latest property, Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur has won the hearts of not only the local people but the international scene in London. The news came as the sweetest music when the property won not only one but two international recognitions in London’s International Hotel Awards in association with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, as the Best Large Hotel and the Rolls-Royce Five Star Hotel Standard awards.

An International Hotel Award and the Rolls-Royce Five Star Classification Standard are considered a universal mark of excellence among industry professionals and is the only achievement recognized across the entire international hospitality industry.

It is the only accolade in the hospitality industry that is recognized worldwide. Only hotels that display the highest level of service, quality, luxury and sustainability are awarded this standard.

A panel of 50 industry experts judged the hotel finalists, chaired by Derek Taylor OBE, previously President of the Institute of Hospitality. Over 100 hotels from across the world are nominated for awards.

The first and only international hotel property in Kolhapur and brainchild of DYP Hospitality Pvt Ltd, the property boasts of 120 elegantly designed rooms, main lobby, banquet hall, pre-function, All Day Dining, gym, spa, business center, and a “first of its kind” helipad bar. “I built this dream from my heart and for the people of Kolhapur, if you have these two elements it would never go wrong,” said Dr. Sanjay Patil, owner of DYP Hospitality Pvt Ltd. “Unlike other international properties, Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur has a deep-rooted meaning of design. Every area evolves with a cultural meaning as I want the people of Kolhapur to see this property as a symbol of our city,” added Dr. Patil.

Collaborating with Dr. Patil in order to execute his “dream hotel vision” is internationally renowned designer, David Tokiwa, Founder and Managing Director of DBTA International Pte Ltd. “This property was different from the other hotel projects I’ve undertaken as the concept stems from the city’s culture and embracing their respective values coupled with one man’s gift to his city where he was born and raised; Kolhapur,” said Mr. Tokiwa.

Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur’s concept is a “culturally injected design which made the whole project challenging and the fact that it’s a combination of having local brand with international standard made it more complexed!” continued Mr. Tokiwa.

So, what was the game plan to achieve such an art piece? “Simple, our design revolved around the beauty of the Lotus flower since it symbolizes people’s belief of prosperity. Entering the Main Lobby, guests are greeted with a stunning centrally located water feature comprising of a custom over-sized Lotus flower stone carving with numerous Italian made glass tubes shaped imitating large rain droplets suspended from the ceiling at various heights. The colors around brought the feeling of nature coupled with the fact that we opened the public areas as much as possible to accommodate the cool weather of Kolhapur,” explained Mr. Tokiwa.

There have been many designs that lived throughout the ages. However, no matter what time period, the pursuit of aesthetics and function remains constant, whether internationally or locally. And, this is where Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur stands out in Its Own Class.

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