Sakura season in Japan.

April 4, 2015 in Tours by claire from Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

SakuraThe end of March and beginning of April is the best period to visit Japan for the Cherry Blossoms. For this I was there with my 2 friends to visit this beautiful e meravelous trees, 5 days organized to visit Osaka and Kyoto. I arrived in Osaka March 22th in afternoon with a direct fly from Beijing, the hotel was in the center the Swissotel Nankai Osaka for the checkin.hotel
In the evening we had dinner at Matsuzakagyu Yakiniku M, Hozenji Yokocho, famouse for the barbecue with the best beef in the world.
Immaginate that only female wagyu are raised in Matsusaka, where they are fed plenty of fodder, as well as tofu lees and ground wheat. When they have no appetite, they are fed beer to stimulate their eating, and receive regular massages. Soothing music is played to the cattle to “calm” them and promote better quality beef.
After that, we was outside at EBISUBASHI SUJI for shopping, it is a shopping street in City center.
There are numerous traditional Japanese shops in this area that have a history of 60 to 150 years since they were first established here. They take extreme care in both selection of raw materials and handmade craftsmanship, and apply the very zenith of specialized technology in the production of their highly reliable goods.

street  Meat  Meat1

In midnight can’t miss the ICHIRAN RAMEN, they are small japanes noodles restaurant, opened 24 Hours.
For the benefit of those who do not know, at Ichiran Ramen, you have to get a ramen ticket at the vending machine located at the entrance of the restaurant to choose your ramen and toppings.

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Next, you have to fill up a 5-field form to indicate your preference (noodle’s firmness, types of garlic, level of spicy-ness…) and customise your ramen. You will then be ushered to wooden booths where you slip your order forms into this small hole, and the staff will pass you your ramen through the same hole – the whole time, no one sees each other. It is simple yet fascinating. In the next day moring, we went to Kuromon market, it is a 600 meter-long with 170 stalls which offers fish, fruits,vegetables and other foodstuffs.and many cooks and restaurateurs in Osaka come here to get the ingredients,so it is called “Osaka’s Kitchen”.Everything is fresh and big, so no skimping on quality here.

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We made the reservation for Kani Doraku in the morning. At four o’clock, we were ready for eating.
Kani Doraku is a popular Japanese restaurant chain that specialises in all sorts of crab dishes.In the lobby, a dozen live crabs were squeezed into one tiny fountain.The restaurant is furnished in traditional Japanese style. Though it also serves other types of crabs, Kani Doraku’s main is of course Japanese snow crabs. Snow crabs are perhaps the most common type of crab to Japan. The crabs at Kani Doraku were immensely fresh.
sushi  Osaka

Daiki Suisan Kaiten Sushi is very popular mainly around Osaka. So,we decided to go for dinner. There are fresh and delicious sushi ,the plates are color coded for pricing. My favorites are the uni, large conger eel, fatty salmon, fattiest tuna, sweet shrimp and giant black prawn.

The last days I spend them in kyoto, before coming back.

Kyoto  Kyoto  Kyoto