Reynolds Pest Management, Inc Shares Advice to Florida Travelers on Avoidance of Bed Bugs.

August 30, 2015 in News by cipcipTrip

Bed bugs are awful pests to encounter. They can easily hitch a ride home with you when traveling. Eggs and also little hatchlings are unwittingly carried on individuals as well as their travel luggage around the globe. Next time your are traveling by bus, train or plane, keep in mind the possible threat of bed bugs from the last passenger. Bed Bugs are most likely picked up from locations other than homes.

In the news these past few months we have heard about bed bugs in libraries, hospitals, and schools. Keep yourself aware of the threats that surround us each day. Bed bugs are traveled across the world on luggage and bags of those who travel. Next time your in line checking your luggage in at the airport, remember the threat of bed bugs and their eggs that hatch and lead to infestations.

Fortunately, there are many points that you could do to prevent, discover as well as ruin these bugs.

Light-coloured, plastic baggage will certainly make spotting any kind of bugs a lot easier.

When packaging, it has been noted that keeping jasmine and also tea tree oils in the bags can deter bed bugs from hitching a ride in your belongings.

Keep electronics such as cameras, computers, or phones that you travel with in sealed bags to prevent the bed bugs from hiding inside. The bed bugs are tiny enough to hide inside the cracks of the devices. They can also lay their eggs in these small areas where you would never see the eggs.

After traveling, do not dump your belongings in your living room, do not place luggage on the flooring or near the bed, and stay away from carpets. You should empty your luggage on tile floors to be able to witness if bed bugs are present. This also helps prevent them from scattering away and hiding in your carpets, furniture, and beds. Bed bugs are lurkers and hide in small dark locations including cracks and crevices throughout the home including cabinets, dresser drawers, behind art work hanging on walls. The areas to hide for a bed bug can be endless inside your home.

Also wash and dry on high heat your clothing or linens. This will help prevent the bed bugs and their eggs from surviving if they made it into your luggage.

Keeping yourself protected and prepared will help dramatically in preventing a bed bug outbreak inside your home.

If somehow bed bugs do make it to hiding areas within your home contact a real bed bug professional that is certified in controlling bed bugs. Bed bugs are not recommended to be controlled by DIY procedures or over the counter products. In the recent years many homeowners have attempted to control bed bugs without a pest control company and in the results were not good. Some cases people have died from the use of over the counter products. Reynolds Pest Management, Inc is available to inspect your home and treat the pests for homeowners in the Treasure Coast to South Florida.