Panama Relocation Tour Itinerary is Bigger and Better.

March 5, 2016 in Tours by cipcipTrip

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. is always cooking up something new. The company recently announced that they’ve updated the tour itinerary page of their company website. Details of the tour from day one to six can be found on the tour itinerary page; thus, giving tour participants a clear picture of what would happen during a Panama Relocation Tour.

Jackie Lange, the founder and general manager of the Panama Relocation Tours, says that while the tour itinerary may change slightly from time to time, the tour itinerary page will give participants a good idea of what will transpire during the tour. “Everyone will be better prepared for the trip when they know what activities they will be doing and what areas they will be visiting. And of course, the itinerary will build up the excitement of joining a Panama Relocation Tour. It’s great to actually look forward to something and prepare well for the event.”

The tour begins in Panama City and ends in the mountain highlands of Boquete. Participants will be taken all around Panama, specifically, the areas that are suitable for retirement. Guests will get to see the beach town of Coronado, travel to the towns in the Azuero Peninsula, go to the city of David and so much more. The tour also includes a meet and greet with expats in every town or city of Panama covered by the trip. This enables guests to ask questions and find answers about a possible move to Panama.

While the main focus of the Panama Relocation Tours is to provide an objective view of life in Panama and show what living in Panama would be like, participants will also get to see popular tourist spots on the side. Fun dinner gatherings await each guest and the chance to get a taste of Panama’s delectable cuisines.

“The Panama Relocation Tour will be both a fun and educational experience,” says Jackie. “Our goal is for our guests to make a well-informed decision on whether or not to retire in Panama. We really go out of our way to show what living in Panama could be like.”

Greg Foskey and Amy Eilers, participants of the December 2015 Panama Relocation Tour, speaks about the tour agenda and reading materials provided. “Amy and I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our time with Jackie and the other participants and how much we learned during our time in Panama. The agenda was excellent, reading materials were thorough and the guest speakers provided additional information in key areas where we had questions.”

Panama Relocation Tours, Inc. has recently updated the tour itinerary page of their official website. Interested parties may visit the site for details.