One Click to Asia Plugs Laos Rainy Season Travel with “Good Weather Guarantee”.

April 19, 2016 in Vacations by cipcipTrip

Southeast Asia travel portal One Click to Asia (OCTA) believe that the rainy season is a great time to travel to Laos – and they’re putting their money where their mouth is by offering a Good Weather Guarantee.

From 1 April to 31 October 2016, any travellers who book a minimum 7-night trip to Laos with OCTA will get a partial refund if their holiday is disrupted by heavy rain – for every day of 3 hours’ or more continuous rain, the clients will receive a refund of 50% of their daily trip cost. The refund will be in the form of actual cash handed over to the travellers during their stay, rather than a post-trip refund or credit for future trips.

“When travellers read the phrase ‘rainy season’, they immediately think of monsoons, floods and ruined holidays,” says Laurent Granier, OCTA’s co-founder. “This means that Laos and its neighbours (Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand) all suffer a big drop in visitor numbers during the rainy months. So we want to knock on the head the notion that travelling to Laos during the rainy season is unpleasant or impossible.”

Uniquely in Southeast Asia, Laos is totally land-locked and protected from the worst excesses of the region’s weather by its mountainous eastern border, so whilst it does have a rainy season, it receives nothing like the same quantity and frequency of rain as its neighbours, making it the perfect “wet season” destination.

And according to Granier, there are several other advantages to rainy season travel. “Firstly, our rainy season corresponds with the spring and summer school holidays in Europe” he says. “Secondly, even during high season Laos isn’t busy – we only receive around half a million Western tourists each year. So during the low season, there are so few visitors it can feel like you have the whole country to yourself. This has a knock-on effect on hotel rates, which become cheaper during this period making it a lot more affordable to visit.”

Granier also stresses that there are certain memorable Laos activities that can only be experienced during the wet season. “Laos is a much greener and more photogenic country during the rainy season” he tells us. “Visitors can do things like bathing elephants at a waterfall, planting rice in the paddyfields, savouring seasonal fruits, watch fishermen fishing in rushing river waters, or simply experience the freshness and aromas of a tropical rainstorm – none of which are possible in the dry season!”

With the rainy season underway shortly, now is the time to think about booking your Laos trip – and what better incentive than a Good Weather Guarantee! To find out more, visit