Long Island’s Hottest Wedding Venue the Allegria Hotel Offering an Instant Online Wedding Quote.

October 24, 2015 in Hotels by cipcipTrip

MAD-Marketing and the Allegria Hotel announced today that the Wedding QuickQuote application is now being featured on the hotel’s website. Using the industry’s first online “Instant Response” inquiry platform will expedite the response and communication process between a customers and our staff.

Rosanna Herrera, Allegria Hotel’s Marketing Manager had been searching for an online format that would best serve today’s customer in their search for a wedding venue. “We opted to include Wedding QuickQuote on our site because the majority of our clients are busy working people who do their research on the web. Providing an application that allows a user to select various options and receive a customized, tentative proposal within seconds, demonstrates our commitment to service and trust,” said Ms. Herrera.

“Our catering team has always strived for the highest level of service and creativity,” said, Peter Pizarro. Director of Catering. “Our success is built on the personal relationship we build with each client. With the Wedding QuickQuote our office is now equipped to provide an immediate response at any time. The pick-and-click format displays our wedding packages and amenities. Fun to use, this new service ignites the bride’s imagination and allows her to plan her own special day, and receive an immediate response.”

“I never met a bride or wedding planner that didn’t want an answer yesterday,” said Madeline Daryadel, creator of Wedding QuickQuote and former Director of Social Catering at the Bonaventure Resort in Fort Lauderdale. “We saw a need, millennials don’t like waiting and with Wedding QuickQuote a reply to date availability is immediate, and an estimated cost is presented within seconds. Now a wedding can be planned online and the user will receive, instantaneously, a personal, tentative proposal based on the hotel’s customized selection of menus and amenities.”

More information on weddingquickquote.com