For Her – Bout India Tours Introduces Adventours in the Himalayas Exclusively for Women.

August 26, 2015 in Tours by cipcipTrip

Bout India brings trekking tours exclusively for women. Now all the adventure seeking women can join in, form a group with like minded female travelers and explore the Himalayas. These adventure tours are safe, easy and accessible.

Bout India Tours Pvt. Ltd. has introduced the Adventours (Adventure + Tours) in the Himalayas for all female travelers. The trend of solo traveling is in and considering this Bout India has designed Women only tours where like minded female travelers can form their own group, and go out and explore the valleys of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Leh – Ladakh. The girls will learn to make their own way, being independent and strong.

“Traveling solo doesn’t mean you will be alone, you travel solo but you are never alone. You meet new people make new friends and this is how you expand your knowledge and experiences,” said Mr Himanshu Maru, Managing Director (Co-Founder) of Bout India Tours. He added, “You develop survival instincts when you travel alone. You become resourceful. You enjoy your own company, You feel different emotions, you open your heart to the strangers and develop love for the nature and you understand humankind deeply. You learn to lower your expectations and live happily.”

Traveling solo is not as dangerous as it seems, and single woman can also travel without any hustle. Being independent is very important, this is the main message that Bout India wants to spread through women only tours.

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