Bout India Tours Introduces Adventours in the Himalayas.

September 11, 2015 in Tours by cipcipTrip

Bout India Tours Pvt Ltd has introduced the adventure tours in the Himalayan ranges. These well designed tours will offer an easy access to the valleys of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Leh-Ladakh. Himalayas have fascinated the entire world for quite a while. Their altitude, climate, landscapes, flora and fauna are unique. Different people find different meanings of this place. To some it’s most romantic place, to some it’s very awe-inspiring and to some it’s highly spiritual.

“We are excited about our new adventours (Adventure + Tours). These tours are specifically designed to let you feel the surge of adrenaline inside you. There is lots of adventure activities like whitewater rafting, snow skiing, trekking, mountaineering, surfing, jungle safari, etc. included in these tours. We also have women’s only tours, coz’ why should boys have all the fun, right? To have fun with these tours, all you need is a good amount of adrenaline inside you,” said Mr. Himanshu Maru, Managing director (Co-Founder) of Bout India Tours. He added, “We believe that these new tours will bring the people close to Mother Earth and give them a sense of responsibility, love and compassion towards other living beings. These tours will give them a beautiful experience.”

Bout India is not only a tourism company but also a way to spread happiness. They believe that traveling to places of natural beauty & pleasant climate heals and nourishes the human soul.

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