Boat tours debut in Lhasa.

September 13, 2015 in Cruises by cipcipTrip

Lhasa, capital of southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, has debuted leisure boat tours, authorities said on Sunday.

A 3-km-long water route was formed in the city by using cofferdams to enlarge a stream for recreational and tourist use.

Three cruise boats, decorated in traditional Tibetan style, will take tourists on tours of the city’s landmarks, including the Potala Palace and Drepung Monastery.

In order to cut emissions, the boats are powered by liquefied gas. ` One ride costs 120 yuan (19 US dollars) in the summer and 60 yuan (9.5 US dollars) during the winter low season. Locals may receive a 50-percent discount on tours.

Lhasa hosted 2.8 million tourists from January to June, including 41,804 foreign tourists.

Source: Xinhua