20 degrees in Shanghai, the spring started?

March 14, 2015 in Vacations by Nico from Bari, Apulia, Italy

spring2Yesterday was lovely day in Shanghai, everybody went out to take sunshane in the parks.
So, I and my family was in Zhongshan Park for a walk, many babies with parents on the grass to play people dancing and practicing tai ji  or chatting, was a beautiful time.
There is a desire of freedom in the air, after a cold and raining winter, inside us. It is a pity that from today will begin to rain again and for next 4 days will be the same.

spring1Zhongshan Park is located in the heart of downtown, was established in 1914 by the Shanghai Municipal Council as “Jessfield Park”. Before then it was a private garden owned by H. Fogg, a British property developer. It was renamed in honour of Dr Sun Yat-sen in 1944.
The total area of 214,200 square meters, including 12,200 square meters of water area. Zhongshan Park, modern and ancient co-exist, dynamic can be static, lawns, ponds, towering trees and marble hall, let those who love busy or quiet it wants.
There are a few Shopping Mall nearby, they are Milan Square, Sunning Mall, Rose Square Commercial Street, Long Dream Mall, multimedia Square.
You can arrive there with Shanghai Metro second line , third line and fourth line.

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